Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shine On

Geoffrey Rush in Shine (1996)
My friend GiGi often writes lists of the things she loves most about a friend on his or her birthday. She shares the list with a group of mutual friends (I'm talking about the Writing Mamas in our case), and she always nails it. 

GiGi sums up what it is everyone loves about anyone, and tonight, as I'm settling in after spending a few hours with her and her son watching the brilliant Shine (see it if you haven't or if it's been awhile), I want to share what it is that I love about her. I hope these touch upon the things many others love about her, too. The list could go on and on. 

And on. 

I hope this may inspire anyone reading here to do little lists of your own about the GiGis in your life. I hope to do more such reflections in this space, as I am day-after-day overwhelmed by the number of incredible people in my life.

But up first, GiGi's top ten (er, eleven)...

She will guide me through the great Russian novels.
She will introduce me to classical music since I don’t know where to begin.
She loves my son and takes care of him so I can go on dates with my husband.
We love watching movies together and laugh at the same moments and cry in sync.
We both have deep appreciation (sure, that’s what we’ll call it…) for Javier Bardem and Colin Firth.
Her 11-year-old son brings me blankets and cuddles in tight against me on the sofa.
She gave up her bed and slept on the sofa when Matt, Beckett and I needed a place to crash.
She brings buckets full of chicken noodle soup when I am sick or sad.
Her son is sensitive, fair, just, kind, funny, irreverent and expressive. And there’s no denying where he got it all.
Her writing is rich, smart, playful, wry and honest.
She’s one of my best and most thoughtful readers, and one of my most enthusiastic supporters.

Love you, G.


  1. And in primo GiGi fashion, you nailed it!

  2. You know, it occurred to me after I published this that the list includes many things that GiGi does for me as opposed to her actual badass traits... How selfish am I? All of these could be bundled under "generosity" and then I'd have five or six more spots available for listing other actual things about HER. Sheesh.

  3. Suzanne I love you so dearly! You are the best!I love being your movie-watching, chicken soup-ladling friend. You are my sister and my favorite poet.