Saturday, March 5, 2011

Week 4: Feelin' It

Reflections on the week, random and in no particular order.

This is getting more difficult. I may have shed some tears in the past few days.

Matt and I are finally finding that, despite how much we love and like each other, these quarters keep us a little too close for comfort. We’re bumping into one another a lot – figuratively and literally.

I had surprise encounters with one too many las cucarachas in the apartment this week. I am completely fixated. I am paranoid and anxiously scan the floor and walls every time I open a door or flip on a light. I am freaked out. Did I mention tears?

I want to hurl our Alvin & the Chipmunks DVD through the window, even though it makes Beckett giggle like nothing else. He’s deemed it the “not scary” movie and requests it daily. Although the performances by Jason Lee and David Cross are terribly scary, I give in because I am apparently not creative or resourceful enough to find something else for us to do in the apartment.

Rain, rain…GO AWAY.

 I’ve run four times in seven days. It feels fantastic. And I’ve decided to run the Country Music Half-Marathon at the end of April. There. I’ve said it. Now I have to do it.

Old friends and new friends alike continue to rock my world.

Hot and Cold in Hillsboro Village is even better than the Katy Perry song by the same name. (…and in my book, and Beckett’s, that’s impressive)

Thistle Farms, a Nashville-based all-natural bath and body care product line run by women who have survived lives of violence, prostitution, and addiction, continues to inspire (and moisturize). Please learn more, try the Body Butter and, if you’re in the Nashville area, drop by the new Thistle Farms storefront and manufacturing center on Charlotte Pike. 

The Patterson House is as amazing as ever. Last night was my first time back in a long time. The Clapless Belle, please? And a Pimm's Cup, thank you!

Oh yeah, the house – we’re looking at a closing date between March 15th and 20th. All together now: “Rain, rain…GO AWAY!”

Here are the latest pics: